Privacy Policy

Personal Information
In the course of serving you as an individual client Gecko Financial Services, Inc. (GFS) may obtain nonpublic personal information about you. Obtaining this information is important for our ability to deliver the highest level of service to you but we also consider your privacy as one of our main concerns. We do not sell information about our customer lists or customer e-mail addresses to third parties.

By applying for a live trading account through GFS you have agreed your personal information provided can be used in accordance as per the privacy policy set forth herein. Please take time to read this privacy statement thoroughly.

The Sources of Information
To better serve and maintain your account we collect information you submit to us when opening a trading account. This information is used to contact you (if necessary), follow up with your applications progress, and provide you with information about various services provided. The nonpublic personal information we collect about you might include, but may not be limited to the following:

• Application Information: Information you provide to us on applications and other forms such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, birth date, investment objectives, and social security number.

• Transaction information: Information about your transactions with us and with our affiliates as well as information about our communications with you. Examples include your account balances, trading activity, and your inquiries and our responses.

• Verification information: Information necessary to verify your identity, such as a passport or drivers license. The USA PATRIOT Act requires us to collect information and take actions necessary to verify your identity.

Finally, in the provisions of financial services to you and subject to strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, information may be collected about you indirectly from monitoring or other means (i.e. monitoring e-mails). In these circumstances, the information is not accessed on a continuous or routine basis, but it may be used for compliance or security purposes.

Of course, you are not required to supply any of the personal information that we may request. However failure to do so may result in our being unable to open or maintain your account to provide services to you. While we make every effort to ensure that all information we hold about you is accurate, complete and up to date, you can help us considerably in this regard by promptly notifying us if there are any changes to your personal information.

Our Use and Protection of your Personal Information
Your information helps us to administer, operate, facilitate and manage your relationship and/or account, contact you, and provide you with information, recommendations of advice concerning products and services offered by GFS.

Nonpublic personal electronic information is restricted to those employees who will help provide you with the services you need. For your protection this information is protected by firewall and security encryption, and can only be accessed by authorized personnel via valid user names and passwords.

Nonpublic personal information which is not in electronic format is protected in locked files and locked offices Access to which is restricted to employees who provide you with the assistance and services you need.

If your relationship with GFS ends, we will continue to treat your personal information, to the extent we retain it, as described in this policy.

Cookies are small files containing information that a website uses to track its visitors. GFS may set and access GFS cookies on your computer, allowing us to learn how users found our services. This information that we collect and share would be anonymous and not personally identifiable.

We may share personal information with our affiliates for business purposes only including but not limited to, servicing your account or to inform you about new services or products. Our affiliates may include companies controlled or owned by us as well as companies that have an ownership interest in our company. The information we share with affiliates may include any of the information described above, such as your name, address, trading and account information. Our affiliates maintain the privacy of your information to the same extent GFS does in accordance with this policy.

Sharing Information with Third Parties
We do not disclose personal information to individuals or entities that are not affiliated with GFS, except as provided by law. Nonaffiliated companies that assist in providing services to you are required to maintain the confidentiality of such information to the extent they receive it and to use your personal information only in the course of providing such services and only for the purpose that GFS dictates.

We may also disclose your personal information to third parties to fulfill your instructions or pursuant to your expressed consent. Again as stated above we will never sell your personal information

Opt Out
If you do not wish to have your personal information disclosed to our affiliates or other third parties as described in this policy, please contact us via email at:

Or send your request to:
Gecko Financial Services, Inc.
271 N Spring Creek Pkwy. Ste A1
Providence, UT 84332

Please be advised that if we receive such instructions, it will limit and in some cases disable our ability to service your account.

Read our risk disclosure here.